The Connect Church

Who We Are

We see a church that brings a living Jesus to a dying world by helping people get connected to God, His people, and His purpose for their lives. Read on to learn more about our vision and what we believe.


We Are Connect

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Connecting people to God, His people, and His purpose for their lives.

We see a church that brings a living Jesus to a dying world by helping people get connected to God, His people, and His purpose for their life.  A constantly growing church that influences its community through relevance, compassion, significant investment, and strategic interaction.

A place where gifts are developed, relationships are elevated, multi-complexity is celebrated, grace is foundational, and freedom is experienced. A church that equips, empowers, and releases leaders to advance the kingdom of God locally, regionally, nationally, and globally in order to make God’s name famous throughout our world.


The Connect Church

Our Vision


A strong local Church

We are a local church which functions as an extension of the global Church. Jesus is the hope of the world and, as a church, we believe we are carriers of that hope! When we partner with the local church and remain planted in unity His blessing can flow. Psalm 92:13 “Those who are planted in the house of the LORD Shall flourish in the courts of our God.”

A “Living Jesus” Church

The type of church that expresses the tangible love of Jesus through an incarnational approach to the community. It is about living out the word not simply preaching it.



We believe it is crucial for people of all ages to have the opportunity to become pure and dedicated disciples of Jesus. One of our main focuses is on teaching people, through various venues and means, Who God truly is, why the love of Jesus is what fuels our intimacy with Him, and how we can draw closer to Him each day.

A Church for the Dying world

We recognize that our world is dying and is in desperate need of the gospel of Grace. Although sin is destructive and part of the human condition, we believe in the freedom ALL of us can experience through Jesus.


A Church of Connection

Connection is the key to growth.  In John 15 Jesus tells us that if we remain connected to Him that we will bear much fruit.  It is through connecting with God, His people, His purpose that abundant life is achieved and expressed.


Life must not be lived out accidentally, but intentionally. We intentionally engage in sharing the gospel both corporately and personally through the gifts that are in our hands, the passion that is in our hearts, and the people who are in our world.


A Healthy & Growing Church

A church that is not growing in health is dying.  We don’t simply consider numbers as indications of growth. We are dedicated to developing multi-layered approaches for people to experience health and wholeness in their personal walks with Jesus, within their relationships, and within their day-to-day lives.

An Influential Church

A church that is focused on being an influencer within its communities, cities, and generations.


A Community-engaging Church

Our communities are the spheres within which we do life. We believe that God has a desire for our communities to come to salvation and has strategically placed us within those communities to bless, honor, and impact them.

A Relevant Church

The message of the gospel is ageless, yet the methods by which we share it will continually adapt and improve in order to speak to all generations facing collective and universal challenges of the current day.


A Compassionate Church

Compassion does not merely see the need, but acts in order to elevate the situation. We are focused on meeting both challenges and opportunities in our world with tangible, transformational compassion.

A Developing Church

Inside each person there dwells both natural and supernatural gifts. Through a variety of methods we will give people the opportunity to develop and utilize the gifts they’ve been given for the good of the community.


A Church of Multi-complexity

The Kingdom of God should reflect the people of God. We enjoy a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-generational church that reflects the heartbeat of the Father.

A Church Founded in Grace

Grace is not a doctrine but a person, Jesus. Our church is a church whose foundation is planted in grace. The environment is one of grace, and our message the gospel of grace.


A Leadership Development Church

We understand that people are created to be both followers of Christ and leaders of people. Our church desires to help develop leaders of every kind in order to help lead people of every kind.

Kingdom Advancing Church

Our church’s purpose and approach to life is firmly focused on advancing the Kingdom of God for His glory.